First Region of Sweden سعر جرام الذهب في السعودية 2014 Dalarna is one of the Swedish counties exhibiting the widest range of physical geography: deciduous and coniferous forests, plains, foothills and alpine regions. Lakes and rivers occupy approximately 8 % of the surface area of Dalarna, with around 6,300 lakes larger than one hectare. The Dalälven river basin accounts for around 80% of the area of the county.


Good to know about Dalarna:

  • Dalarna is roughly the same area as Belgium, but far more sparsely populated. Less than 300,000 inhabitants in Dalarna compare to more than 10 million living in Belgium.
  • Lake Siljan, the largest lake in Dalarna, is the site of a crater made by a meteor impact 360 million years ago. The Siljan area is one of our most popular tourist destinations.
  • The old copper mine and its surroundings in Falun were included in UNESCO’s world heritage list in 2001.
  • Njupeskär Falls in Mt. Fulufjället National Park is Sweden’s highest waterfall with a vertical fall of 97 metres.
  • The famous red paint of Sweden, Falu Rödfärg, is low-maintenance and eco-friendly, produced by mixing ochre pigment from the old copper mine in Falun with linseed oil.
  • Some of the world’s oldest living trees have been discovered on Mt. Fulufjället in northern Dalarna. The oldest of these Norway spruces dates back around 9,550 years.
  • Sälen is Sweden’s largest ski area and the fourth biggest tourist destination in the country.
  • Dalarna as a whole is a very attractive destination and the third most important region in Sweden for tourism.
  • The Coat-of-Arms of the county and the province is one of the oldest in Sweden, dating back to the 1520s, the first decade of the reign of King Gustav Vasa.
  • ”Allemansrätt” in Sweden gives everyone the constitutional right of access to the countryside, including land which is private property. At the same time it means that we need to take good care of nature, showing respect and restraint.

County flora:

go Spreading Bellflower.

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County fauna:تداول-اسهم-معادن Eurasian Eagle-owl.

تداول الخيارات الثنائية الشرعي

Coat of arms: Dalarna’s coat of arms dates from 1560; the symbol of two crossed arrows was used even earlier.


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go here go site County Administrative Board of Dalarna
The County Administrative Board is the authority representing national government in close proximity to people in each county, as such holding a unique position in the Swedish democratic system. Sweden comprises 21 counties, which are in turn divided into 290 municipalities, 15 of them in Dalarna.
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The County Council is responsible for publicly financed health, medical and dental care and some other regional activities in culture and education.
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Region Dalarna is a co-operative body responsible for promoting and coordinating regional development in the county of Dalarna. Our goal is to take advantage of all available opportunities to further regional development in sectors of importance to sustainable growth and employment.
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